Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
Rainbow Crow

Makenna Rosine

Thankful Tree

Kaylee Klemm

Arts-Based-Inquiry 2

Samantha Scarberry

Basil, Taylor and Thomas Moor, Dickes and Morrow

Clay vessel

Ethan Austin

Jonathan Moreno-Jimenez

The Shadow Heart

Janelle Willis

Weaving from home

Genesis Lara Sanchez


Giang Nguyen

Giselle Vargas De Santiago


Vidanna Corlett-Wilkins

Felted Fox

Savannah Sievers

Silhouette Self Portrait

Lyla Capparelli

Crowded City

Annabel Green

Arts-Based-Inquiry 2

Brianna Swopes

Chrocheted Halter Top

Julia Dreisbach

Ruby, Gunner and Gianna Begin, King and Maggio

Japanese Koi Fish and Haiku Poem

Natalie Padia

Figure Drawing

Olesya Larson

Op Art Drawing

Erik Del Rio

Value Drawing

Alison Bliss

All I Need

Sofia Narvaez

Forged Metal Ram's Head

Albert Stice

My Gaming Setup

Morgan Gajewski

Neurographic Art

Ella Caplan

Wolf Creek Drive

Alexandra Coe

Giselle Vargas De Santiago

Welcome to My House!

River Freeston

Piece of Cake

Merry Fisher

Pop Art Self Portrait

Elia Archer