Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

Sebastian Moy

I am just what the world needs

Blue Mountain 4th Grade

Lauryn Hill

Xuri Walton

Abstract Pet

Eva Klingbeil

Self Portrait

Rajat Bhatt

Crops Watered

Marsh Rooney

Winter night

Maddy Downing

Paper Mache

Elsa Kepler


Anna Mier

Endangered Species

Julianna Deems

The Hive

Sawyer Oja

Paint Pen Perspective

Jaqueline Lara Mosqueda

Alarice Corlett-Wilkins


Giselle Moreno

Portrait collage

Lauren Wiebusch

Victoria Jaquez Molina

St. Vrain Valley Schools