Spartans Unleash Their Inner Warrior at Fall Crawl

Female student on obstacle course.

The field at Sunset Middle School was transformed into a sea of green last Friday as hundreds of students converged for the annual Fall Crawl, a day filled with fun, challenges, and school spirit. Amidst the excitement, students lined up to tackle the challenging ninja warrior course, their voices filled with enthusiasm as they cheered each other on with phrases like, “Don’t give up” and “You’ve got this!”  

Fall Crawl has been a tradition at Sunset Middle School that started as a jog-a-thon. Over the years, it has evolved into an exciting ninja course that gives students the chance to put their physical prowess and determination to the test. Each grade is assigned a time to navigate the course, which includes a variety of obstacles, such as a rolling balance beam, swinging monkey bars, a warped wall, and more. 

According to Sunset principal Anthony Barela, “Fall Craw is a day where our students come together to take on exciting challenges, support each other, and create lasting memories. It’s great to see them have fun and build connections.”

Male middle school student smiling and wearing a Sunset Spartans t-shirt and glasses. He has short curly hair and is standing in front of swinging rings waiting for his turn. A group of students is standing in the background behind him.

Each year, Sunset extends an invitation to 5th graders from its feeder schools to participate in the Fall Crawl. “It’s an exciting opportunity for our 5th-grade students to immerse themselves in the middle school environment,” stated Nancy Pitz, Principal of Niwot Elementary. “The highlight of their visit is getting to test their skills on the ninja course, but this unique tradition also provides a small preview of what awaits them in middle school.”

Fall Crawl would not be possible without the hard work of staff, parents, and the PTO, which generously raised funds to pay for the ninja course. “We are grateful to all of the teachers, staff, and parent volunteers who made this event possible,” said Barela. “Their dedication and support are the driving forces behind the success of Fall Crawl year after year.” 

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