Teacher Appreciation: This Week and Every Week

This Teacher Appreciation Week, join us in celebrating the outstanding educators across St. Vrain Valley Schools.

We asked St. Vrain teachers to share what they love most about the teaching profession, but they didn’t know that current and former students were also there to celebrate their impact. St. Vrain teachers have the power to capture a moment in time and transform it into a lifetime of opportunity. Watch the video >>

From the Superintendent

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

The role of educators in our society is both admirable and vital, as they hold the keys to the development and progress of our future generations. The vast majority of our children in America, over 90%, attend public schools, where teachers and staff work collaboratively with parents and families to shape the course of their lives.

As I visit our schools and witness the myriad of exceptional accomplishments, I am constantly inspired by the skill, commitment, and nurturing attitude our teachers and staff demonstrate every day. They have displayed remarkable resilience, ingenuity, empathy, and an unwavering dedication to the achievement of every student. In St. Vrain, I am wholeheartedly convinced that we are home to the finest educators the world has to offer, and I am honored to work in partnership with them in the pursuit of excellence for our students, schools, and community.

As we celebrate this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, I invite you to join me in recognizing the exceptional work of our educators and staff members who tirelessly advocate for the success and growth of our students and schools.

Teachers, thank you for all that you do to shape our collective future.

Don Haddad, Ed.D.

Stories of Educator Excellence

yearbook photos of kerin, tanya, drolma, and kaden

Beyond a Calling

For many of our teachers, the start to their first day of school in St. Vrain wasn’t greeting students in their classrooms. Instead, they spent their time being welcomed by their teacher and classmates as they began their educational journey. Little did they know, those teachers would one day become colleagues and mentors as they, too, accepted students into their St. Vrain classrooms for the first time.


Kloster with basketball team

Beyond Compare

To realize the purpose of public education and the life-changing experiences throughout our schools is first to understand the incomparable impact of the approximately three million teachers in public schools across the U.S. today – and the millions that served before them. Throughout their career, the average teacher will reach over 3,000 children, having an exponential impact on our future.


teacher with student, ipad, and robot

Beyond the Now

After nearly four decades in public education, I am convinced beyond question that our nation’s future is dependent on our public school teachers. They are the architects of the fires of curiosity and the passion for learning in our youth. We entrust them with the sacred task of molding the next generation of leaders, innovators, and pioneers who will steer the course of our society.


teacher in classroom with students

Beyond an Impact

Each month, Stapp Interstate Toyota partners with St. Vrain Valley Schools to recognize a teacher in our community who is having a significant impact inside and beyond the classroom.

Watch their stories >>

Meet the 2023 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Lori Lopez, first grade teacher at Alpine Elementary School, for being recognized as the St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation 2023 Teacher of the Year. Watch the video >>
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