Resource Fair Equips Counselors with Tools for Success

School counselors play a vital role in helping students navigate the complex world of academics, but their role extends far beyond the classroom. They are often the first point of contact for students who may need additional personal and emotional support. Parents also rely on counselors to connect them to external resources that can aid in their children’s overall well-being and success. 

The St. Vrain Valley School District Counseling Department recently held a resource fair for counselors at the Innovation Center where a wide range of community partners presented   information on topics such as college planning, physical and mental health support, summer jobs, and more. The event was designed to foster relationships between school counselors and community organizations, creating a strong network of support for students in the district. It also provided an opportunity for counselors to equip themselves with a variety of resources to draw from when working with students who may be facing challenges. 

Profile view of a woman sitting at a table looking toward the speaker. Several other women are sitting at table next to and behind her.

“Community resources can change a lot, and there is always so much that counselors and interventionists need to have in their heads as options to help support students/families,” said Maura Brady-McMullen, Counselor at Mead High School. “Plus having updated information is important, especially since the district encompasses both Boulder and Weld counties. We’re all navigating where students live versus where they attend school and what is actually accessible to them.”

The district’s counselors and interventionists strive to keep abreast of the programs and resources at their disposal so they can effectively support not only students, but their families as well. “Our goal is to help them flourish and become successful,” said Brady-McMullen. “Knowing which community partners are best equipped to serve these various needs is a really important aspect of our jobs.”  

St. Vrain Valley Schools is committed to providing comprehensive support to its students, and the resource fair is one example of the district’s efforts to connect students and their families to the resources they need to succeed. 

St. Vrain Valley Schools