Exploring Career Options for a Successful Future

SHS student during career talks

Career exploration is an essential part of a student’s high school education as it helps them identify what their career interests are, they discover their strengths, and they receive the opportunity to learn about various career options and the skills they need to become successful.

Since 2018, the Freshman Seminar course at Skyline High School has been designed to help students explore their interests and skills, set goals, and plan for their future. The course is offered to all ninth grade students and is taught by teachers whose passion is to guide students on becoming successful individuals.

Speaker at SHS Career Talks

One of the key components of the Freshman Seminar Course is the two-day career talks each semester where employers from a variety of industries within the community come and speak to students. “We have volunteers from law enforcement, representatives from the Army and Marines, and we have even had a forensic scientist join us,” shared Marie Kaufman, Librarian and English Language Arts Teacher, Skyline High School. Employers get to share their own personal experiences, answer students’ questions, and provide valuable insights into the skills and education required for their careers. 

Through career talks, students gain valuable comprehension into the many options that are available to them, while gauging a better understanding of the connection between their academic pursuits and future employment opportunities. “The Freshman Seminar course helps expand student’s minds about what is possible for them to do once they graduate high school,” shared Kaufman. “There are many ways that students can become successful, and it’s important for them to see all the options that are available.” 

The Freshman Seminar course and the career talks have supported students to be better prepared for the next chapter, whether it is college or the workforce.

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