Marching forward: Band Night performances connect students, communities across St. Vrain

Student Marching Band performers at Band Night 2021

Trumpets blared and flags twirled as student performers stepped into the spotlight Wednesday night at Everly-Montgomery Field for the return of the district-wide Band Night. 

As the sky dimmed and the stadium lights blinked on, marching bands from Erie High, Frederick High, Longmont High, Lyons Senior High, Niwot High, Mead High, Silver Creek High, and Skyline High School performed their routines to an enthusiastic crowd. 

“It was an electrifying energy leading up to Band Night, and it was monumental to be back on the field again,” said Director of Bands at Mead High School, Chad Lemons. 

Performance events like these not only provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills to a live audience, but also to learn from the other programs throughout the district. Additionally, judges were present to give each band feedback outside of a competitive environment. 

“The culture of Band Night and music education in St. Vrain thrives on being supportive and appreciative of one another,” said Lemons. “We know the work and commitment that each school put into preparing their show, so there is a mutual respect across the bands and their families.” 

“It was such a special event, having all of our programs able to join together again to make music, and the community really came out to support them,” said Janay Bird, Fine Arts Coordinator for St. Vrain Valley Schools. 

An enthusiastic crowd of families, teachers, staff, and community members packed the stands, cheering their support for all of the performances. As an added surprise this year, athletic teams and coaches came out onto the field to cheer on their classmates. 

“It is great for these students to see what they do goes beyond a half-time performance,” said Bird, “it’s a show of its own and everyone loves watching them.” 

“Performing can be one of the most rewarding components of being a musician, so losing the ability to perform for an extended period of time was heartbreaking,” said Lemons. “In a way, St. Vrain Band Night is therapeutic because we get back that moment to connect with our audience and share the result of our hard work.” 

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