See What’s Growing in the LSACE Classroom at Main Street School

Kory Shick, special education teacher for LSACE (the district’s 18-21 year old program), turned his Significant Support Needs (SSN) transition classroom into an indoor oasis with plants, fish and more. 

“I’ve worked really hard to create an experiential atmosphere to encourage students to actively apply the skills they learn within their IEP goals, while they have their 1:1 intervention time,” Shick said. 

Students are working on collaborative and independent horticulture/hydroponic/aquaponic projects throughout the entire time that they are in attendance at the program. Students attend based on transition goal needs, usually 2 or 3 days a week, and Shick provides them the opportunities for engagement and learning.

Shick says they are in the foundational stage of the newly developed horticulture program, which will eventually be certified with the Innovation Center to administer career badges. The projects are based on need and ability level, but also student preferences, so there is room for development in social-emotional goals, self-determination, independent living, and functional academics as they spend time within the program.