Remote learning in St. Vrain Valley is about to get agile

Agile has a few definitions these days. The Oxford English Dictionary describes it as the ability to move quickly. In software development or project management, agile refers to dividing tasks into shorter phases of work and assessment. Now St. Vrain Valley School District is bringing AGILE into education to allow students flexible access to coursework between schools.

“One of the things we recognized coming out of the pandemic and coming back to education in person is that we learned a lot of lessons that could benefit kids throughout the district,” said Michelle Bourgeois, SVVSD chief technology officer.

SVVSD’s AGILE program, nearing the initial pilot phase, stands for Advanced Global Interactive Learning Environments. Students around the district would be able to sign up for coursework at any of SVVSD’s schools. A student in Frederick would be able to take a language course only offered in Lyons, for example.

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