Silver Creek Leadership Academy – Creating Future Leaders

Becoming a leader often means being a person who creates a future that inspires and motivates others and engages them in a shared vision of the future. Silver Creek High School’s Leadership Academy is doing exactly that – creating tomorrow’s leaders from the ground up. 

In a typical year, Silver Creek Leadership Academy seniors create and present their Capstone Projects during an expo night at school which is open to the community. This year, students put together a virtual expo night to present these amazing projects. 

Silver Creek Leadership Academy is a four-year program that emphasizes leadership through service and real-world learning opportunities – it’s a place for students to gain their voice. Students acquire the skills specific for becoming leaders; skills such as: Critical Thinking, Real-Problem Solving, Self-direction and Independent Thinking Skills, all with a balanced curriculum. The core curriculum focuses on the BIG 6: Respect, Teamwork, Critical and Creative Thinking, Vision, Communication, and Ethics, each with the same goal – supporting students to become successful individuals.  

Silver Creek Leadership Academy strives to produce graduates who are successful and apply the skills they learned in high school to real world and business situations they will encounter. “It is important that we continue to support these students; so that they continue to do great things in school, in their community, and in the world,” said Carrie Adams, SCLA Program Director. SCLA students are encouraged to participate with their peers, feeder schools, and community when doing their Capstone Projects. Community mentors also play an integral part with the student’s projects, giving them real-world guidance and support to ensure that students are moving forward with their projects in a professional way. 

For many, this year can be described as chaotic, different and challenging, but for students like Peter Fredo, Allegra Grendele, Nevin Lockwood, and Megan Neufeld, these challenging times didn’t stop them from continuing with their Capstone Projects. “I am so impressed with how these students had to adapt to challenges this year,” said Erick Finnestead, Principal, Silver Creek High School. 

Peter took what he learned from the book, Mindset, and turned it into a podcast, Grow Through It. “This podcast has helped me build connections not only with SCLA students, but also with students outside the program,” said Peter Fredo, Senior, Silver Creek High School. 

Allegra Grendele took a personal experience and turned it into a partnership with students in her feeder schools which allowed her to help others in need. Because of the circumstances, Allegra adjusted her project, Kids Night Out To-Go, and made it so that elementary and middle school students can pick up bags that include crafts, activities, games, and snacks for them to enjoy a night out at home. The money that Allegra raises goes directly to Belief Home, an organization that helps build an education system for orphans in Ghana. Being an orphan herself, Allegra knows personally the challenges that these students go through. “I can personally relate to them – it’s my responsibility to help other orphans that are struggling,” said Allegra Grendele, Senior, Silver Creek High School. 

“Dance is my outlet – it’s where I can be me,” said Nevin Lockwood, Senior, Silver Creek High School. With her project, Steps in Motion, Nevin’s goal is to provide an outlet for students and she does so by providing online dance classes to elementary students, grades 3-5. “There can be some positivity in your life, and it doesn’t have to be huge,” said Nevin. “Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.”

Being part of something you are passionate about takes dedication and has lasting rewards. For Megan Neufeld, her hard work on Press for Our Planet, has given her the opportunity to receive an internship with 350 Colorado; a grassroots organization that is part of the Global Movement for Climate Action that is working especially in Colorado to create a fossil free future. “We have the power to make the change,” said Megan Neufelt, Senior, Silver Creek High School. 

“These students are changing the world for the better – I am truly humbled by their excellence,” said Erick Finnestead, Principal, Silver Creek High School. To learn more on the students’ Capstone Projects, please visit the Silver Creek High School YouTube channel.