Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

8th GradeArtworks

Yummy Cupcake

Alaina Goeke

Russell Checketts

Shapes & Space Composition - Photoshop

Adena Schurr

Great Outdoors Sculpture

Clara Linder

Conceptual Portrait

Haley Lindberg

Wonder Woman in Warhol Style

Brooklyn Goldstone

Elements & Principles of Design Drawing

Esther Hong


Rune Denolf

Cardboard and Plaster Bunny with Faux Fur

Arionna McCleskey

Sam Tuominen-Collins


Brooklyn Ellison

Neurographic Art

Hannah Dusel

Aspen Trees

Zoe Matzen

Great Outdoors Sculpture

Aiden Wilson

Eye of the Beholder

Angelique Reyes

Dana Marquez Chaparro


Freddghie Taniana

Cherry Blossoms

Yahir Catano Chavez

Jocelyn Martinez-Bueno

Graffiti Tag Design

Samantha Kintzel

King George the Third

Keira Pepper

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