Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

5th GradeArtworks

Leo, Aubree and Birch Moor, Bonner and Eyster

My New Puppy

Jackson Ayer

A few of my favorite things

Niamh Myers

Ms. Croghan's 5th Grade Class

Stain Glass Design

Aylen Fruvellhoff

Eliano, Natalia and Oriah Philips, Mclees and Boldt

Winter Watercolor

Tiffany Halase

The Great Wave

Matteo Wardle

Cardboard Biplane

Samantha Rosales Marrufo

Clay Tiger Family

Holly McMillan

Abstract Art inspired by Amedokpo

Jeffrey Tudanger


Adeline Vincent

Japanese Koi Fish and Haiku Poem

Angelina Vigil

Winter Birch Trees

Addison Henson

Name Art

Ashly Martinez

Ms. Hampton's 5th Grade Class

Abstract Name Design

Ben H


Lillian Schwechel

Desert Landscape

Alex Dean

Elements of Art

Juliet Kooiman

Pop Art Self-Portrait

Ocean Barquist

Shantell Martin inspire drawing

Danny Tsering

Self Portrait

Amanda Bustos Garcia

Tanner, Natalia and Amanda Reed, McLees. and Gonzalez

Self-Portrait with Mask

Andrea Griffiths

Japanese Koi Fish and Haiku Poem

Jax Toth

Painted Pagoda

Kyleigh Gonzalez

Living Worlds

Cameron Leigh

Name Abstraction

Caden Morgan

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