Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

8th GradeArtworks

Jessica Ayala- Magana

Landscape Photograph

Avery Wolfsberger


Sebastian Moy

Lupita Ornelas-Menchaca

Great Outdoors Sculpture

Clara Linder

Pandemic Abstract

Sophie Trahan

Georgia O'Keefe Parody Drawing

Claire Atteberry

Hearts of Golden Hummingbird Smiles

Lucia Arozamena Ringuelet

Tayler Studebaker

Color: Self-Portrait

Layla Castaneda


Jennifer Woods

Digital Cityscape

Audrey Besen

Conceptual Portrait

Haley Lindberg


Avery Spinner

Aspen Trees

Zoe Matzen

Landscape Drawings

Miya Orton

Selene Rodriguez Garcia

Graffiti Spray Paint with Backwards Hat

Ashton Ballingham

The Kid in Teal

Ethan Cade

Elements & Principles of Design Drawing

Ruby Vitt

Graffiti Colored Pencil

Brooklyn Blosser

Great Outdoors Sculpture

Aiden Wilson

Charcoal Portrait

Ben Pecherzewski

Cardboard Sculpture

Nora Dukart

Cardboard and Plaster Animal

Claire Plath

Cardboard and Plaster Bunny with Faux Fur

Arionna McCleskey


Freddghie Taniana

Radial Relief

Mackenzie Littmann

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