Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

8th GradeArtworks

Be a Wordless Storyteller

Katelyn Klemm

Jessica Ayala- Magana

Lychee - Character Design

Lyla Capparelli

Zeus Stealing Heras Strength

Jasmine Melendez-Garcia

Claude Monet Parody Drawing

Faith Bolt

Ink Mess

Hexxus Hunter

Elements & Principles of Design Drawing

Ruby Vitt

Cardboard and Plaster Bunny with Faux Fur

Arionna McCleskey

Personal Ad Poster

Mar Castillo


Brooklyn Ellison

Yummy Cupcake

Alaina Goeke

Pandemic Abstract

Sophie Trahan

Radial Relief

Mackenzie Littmann

Surreal Photography

Paige Schleper

Food Sculpture

Marik Magginetti


Giang Nguyen


Gavin Fisher

Wonder Woman in Warhol Style

Brooklyn Goldstone

Aspen Trees

Zoe Matzen

Graffiti Colored Pencil

Brooklyn Blosser

Cherry Blossoms

Yahir Catano Chavez

Graffiti Spray Paint with Backwards Hat

Ashton Ballingham


Gonzalez Dayanara

Stippled Flower

Audrey Chapman

Silhouette Self Portrait

Lyla Capparelli

Russell Checketts

Pop Art Drawing

Layla Luebesmier

Vincent Van Gogh Parody Painting

Lisette Daniel

Hearts of Golden Hummingbird Smiles

Lucia Arozamena Ringuelet

Landscape Drawings

Miya Orton

Eye of the Beholder

Angelique Reyes

Gauguin Inspired Mask

Genevieve Newell

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