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Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

8th GradeArtworks

Zeus Stealing Heras Strength

Jasmine Melendez-Garcia

Stippled Flower

Audrey Chapman

Ugly Portraits - Vladimir Putin

Matthew Lanier

Dana Marquez Chaparro

The Kid in Teal

Ethan Cade


Gavin Fisher

Sam Tuominen-Collins

Cardboard and Plaster Bunny with Faux Fur

Arionna McCleskey

Shapes & Space Composition - Photoshop

Adena Schurr


Shelby Alynna Jackson

Great Outdoors Sculpture

Clara Linder

Cardboard Sculpture

Nora Dukart

Masterpiece Remake - Girl with a Pearl Earring

Nova Simich

Cardboard and Plaster Animal

Claire Plath

Graffiti Tag Design

Samantha Kintzel

Eye of the Beholder

Angelique Reyes

Ink Mess

Hexxus Hunter

Varek Van Aelstyn

Graffiti Colored Pencil

Brooklyn Blosser

Food Sculpture

Marik Magginetti

Hearts of Golden Hummingbird Smiles

Lucia Arozamena Ringuelet

Tayler Studebaker

Yummy Cupcake

Alaina Goeke


Chase Sterling

Plant Study

Jordan Randall


Jennifer Woods

Radial Relief

Mackenzie Littmann

Great Outdoors Sculpture

Aiden Wilson

Be a Wordless Storyteller

Katelyn Klemm

Russell Checketts

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