Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

Sunset MiddleArtworks

Masterpiece Remake - Girl with a Pearl Earring

Nova Simich

Personal Ad Poster

Mar Castillo

Masterpiece Remake - Van Gogh Self Portrait

Sebastian Moy

Untitled - Abstract Monochrome

Carollne Gonzales Ortega

Monochromatic Landscape

Alexandra Martinez Lara

Unfinished Symphony - Monochromatic Painting

Lainie Robertson

Master Chief - Complimentary Color Painting

Luis Benito Del Valle Gurrola

Shapes & Space Composition - Photoshop

Adena Schurr


Sebastian Moy


Mikayla Parr

Monochromatic Painting

Jackson Tahara

Ugly Portraits - Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Hernon

Silhouette Self Portrait

Lyla Capparelli

Untitled - Watercolor + Pen & Ink

Hitoshi Graham

Master Chief - Watercolor + Pen & Ink

Griffin Howie

Graffiti Tag Design

Samantha Kintzel

Monochromatic Silhouette

Lizeth Cervantes Reza


Koli Hines

Lychee - Character Design

Lyla Capparelli

Ugly Portraits - Vladimir Putin

Matthew Lanier

Extreme Closeup Photography

Samara McDermid

Shapes & Space Composition

Eloise VanSelus

#9 "Throw" - Inktober 2020

Angeline Ontiveros

Digital Self Portrait

Fransisco Ibarra Padilla

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