Making a Difference at Skyline High School through Parent Engagement

SHS parents attending a Cafecito meeting

Parent engagement in school has many benefits for both students and the community as a whole. When parents become actively involved in their student’s education, it creates a partnership between home and school, which leads to improved communication and a better understanding of each other’s roles in supporting student academic and personal growth. 

At Skyline High School, families are a critical component to ensuring school-wide academic success. “Our families are our Falcon Family, and they are part of this community; we couldn’t do it without our parents,” shared Assistant Principal, Susana Wittrock. “We strongly believe that it is critical to build a strong connection with every parent; that’s why we call it #FalconFamiliesTogether, because we are all united as a team in advancing student achievement.” 

During monthly Cafecito meetings, parents can learn more about post-secondary opportunities for their students, whether they plan ongoing to a two-year or four-year university, or joining the workforce. There is also an opportunity for parents to learn more about mental health support and resources for students, and ways that they can better support them.  

Studies show that parent engagement is strongly associated with increased student motivation, attendance, and academic performance, because parents are there to provide the additional support their child needs, such as helping with homework, attending school events, and becoming a school volunteer. Parents also have the opportunity to increase their understanding of the curriculum and the school’s expectations.

For Skyline High School’s Family Liaison, Nayeli Cervantes, being a point of contact for parents helps her create and maintain relationships with them. “We want to give parents that voice, and let them know that we are available for them when they come in – it’s important for me that all parents feel heard.”

Skyline offers “after hours” opportunities outside their regularly scheduled office hours, so that parents can come in during a time that works best for them, ask questions, speak with an administrator, or simply get support in accessing communication resources such as Infinite Campus.

“It’s the notion of a team and community that will provide students with the support that they need to become successful,” shared Wittrock. As parents become more involved in their child’s education, they will help in promoting a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students and build a better community by advancing student achievement.

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