SWAP Has Taken the Lead to Create Digital Badges for Students in Special Education to Earn

The district’s School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is currently piloting the Workplace Skills Badge at Frederick High School, Silver Creek High School, and Life Skills ACE (LSACE).

In order to earn this digital badge students need to complete the “Bring Your A Game Anywhere” digital curriculum. This curriculum provides students with the knowledge of the seven foundational workplace skills that they can apply in any employment setting. After progressing through the 10 E-learning modules and passing the final exam, students will earn the Certificate of Work Ethic Proficiency. Students will also need to create a resume and LinkedIn profile, which will allow them to build their professional network, highlight their skills, and showcase the digital badges they’ve earned. Click here for background info on digital badging within SVVSD>>

Additionally, SWAP partnered with Junior Achievement to create the Entrepreneur Badge. This badge is being piloted by LSACE students. To earn this badge students are completing the JA Be Entrepreneurial program. This program teaches students about the mindset and the skills needed for success by aspiring entrepreneurs. Students will need to complete Design Thinking modules where they will learn about creative problem solving, how to think like an entrepreneur, and rapid business planning. Click here to read more about the JA Be Program>>