St. Vrain Valley Schools’ Curriculum Does Not Include Critical Race Theory

St. Vrain Valley Schools has received many questions regarding the national conversation around Critical Race Theory. The St. Vrain Valley School District adheres to Colorado State Academic Standards. These Standards do not include the topics of Critical Race Theory, and the district curriculum does not include Critical Race Theory. Additionally, our Board of Education and Superintendent are not contemplating adopting or teaching Critical Race Theory in the future.

A priority for the district is to continue to provide training and professional development for our teachers and staff to ensure the district is complying with federal and state statutes regarding nondiscrimination (HB21-1108). Additionally, these trainings also ensure that our teachers and staff are equipped with the necessary tools to know and adhere to board policy, state statute (HB19-1192, SB21-067, and HB21-1108), federal statute, and to support the success of all students.

Process for Expressing Curricular Concerns

Any parent/guardian or patron may bring forth a specific complaint regarding the use of any teaching method, activities, or presentations pursuant to Board Policy KEF “Public Concerns/Complaints about Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations”. The Board has further adopted Policy IMB “Teaching about Controversial Issues and Use of Controversial Materials.”

St. Vrain is committed to complying with all anti-discrimination laws as set forth by the federal and state governments, and monitored by the U.S. Departments of Education’s Office of Civil Rights and the Colorado Department of Education. Colorado and St. Vrain Valley Schools specifically prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, and ancestry.

If you have any questions related to state or federal statutes, you are always encouraged to reach out to your local and/or state legislators.

St. Vrain Valley Schools