Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

10th GradeArtworks

Dynamic Composition

Emma Jones

Overlooking the City

Natalie Yoder

Past, Present, and Future

Cheyenne Mayers

Air Goddess

Tyler Porter

Felted Fox

Savannah Sievers

Arcitectural Dwelling

Alys Pop


Kishor Kharel

You Complement Me So Well

Savannah Sievers


Thomas Beckett

Flower Triptych

Lexi Goshorn


Marsh Rooney

Grisaille, s'il vous plait.

Shylee Monahan-Mitchell

Landscape in acrylic

Reylynn Killinger

Baby Steps to Equality

Raelynne Baucom

Value Study

Dalton Jensen

Clay vessel

Ethan Austin

Anastasia Sorrell

Wire Bead Tree

Lynnsey Wright

Under the Starlight

Lucy Tatterson


Marianne Thomasson


Grayce Wojniak

Cat Mask

Shylee Monahan-Mitchell

Radial Food

Lena Siscoe

The Lonely Bird

Dylan Morales

Shoe Drawing

Alison Bliss


Josephine Orona

My Pandemic Song

Violet Johson

Inprogress Work

Abygail Read

Cultural Opposition

Maya Lyndon

Clay Vessel

Emma Brown

Cool Energy

Ciaran Vaughan

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