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Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

11th GradeArtworks

Untitled Beach Painting

Sam Rieck

Abstract plaster

Nguyen Pham

Crowded City

Annabel Green


Aidan Burke

Piano Man

Monit Meisman


Harley Parsons

Coral Skies

Grace Henrie

Pinch Pot Project

Zoe Bailey


Jasmin Roberts

Album Cover Art

Emilee Mortensen

Sometimes Tear Stains Are Okay

Sydney Petersen


Emily Jennings

Value Drawing

Jadelyn Sargent

Open Ocean

Emma Capra

Song artist J wrld

Jake Daker

The Sun and Moon

Mariana Gutierrez

San Francisco Street View

Emma Green

Abstract Plaster

Craig Wright

Personal Preference Drawing

Ashlyn Green


Devlin Guilkey

Creature of the Deep

Kasey Schmotzer

Playing With Realism and Scale

Piper Tocco

Abstract Plaster

Sophie Gebhardt


Sara Hakanson

Visual Journal

Jimmy Damien

Portrait 2

Aidan Burke

Shiny, Happy Objects

Bailey Rogers

Broken Value

Nina Palmer

Double Exposure

Annabel Green

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