Our Graduates are Advancing the Future of America

It has been another extraordinary year in St. Vrain Valley Schools. One filled with many challenges due to the global coronavirus pandemic, but more importantly, it has been a year full of great resilience, outstanding student engagement, robust creativity, and compassionate community support.
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We are #greatFULL

Gratitude is scientifically proven to make you happier. The benefits of gratitude are amplified when you express your thankfulness to another person – not only do you feel good, but you spread joy to the person you thank. In St. Vrain Valley Schools, despite the challenges we have faced this year, we have so much
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The next greatest generation

Schools today must be ready to meet the pace of industry to prepare students for jobs that do not even exist. We no longer ask students what they want to be when they grow up, but what problem they want to solve in the world.
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Future-Ready Graduates

What do you want to be when you grow up? For students in St. Vrain, they do not have to wait very long to start exploring career opportunities. As St. Vrain continues to blend the lines between high school and postsecondary life, students are able to explore career opportunities, earn credits and industry certifications, and receive college degrees – all while in high school.
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AP for all

Advanced Placement® (AP) classes provide outstanding opportunities for students to engage in rigorous, college-level coursework preparing them for postsecondary education, while simultaneously earning college credit when they score a 3 or higher on an AP exam. AP coursework enables students to save on tuition and graduate college in less than four years.
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An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Visualize an entrepreneur and what do you see? An individual in business attire? Someone speaking next to a slideshow presentation featuring line graphs and pie charts? What about a 20-year-old female who started a handcrafted electric guitar company right out of high school? Or a male high school senior who is in the thick of creating a prototype for a shoe designed to replenish electrolytes back into the body?
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Launching into the future

Project Launch is just one of many strategies across St. Vrain to raise student literacy achievement and provide a stronger academic foundation in the early grades. Results from the program indicate that the intervention had a significant, positive impact on student reading skills, reflecting the power of bringing together best practices and research-based approaches to improving student learning and achievement.

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All Means All

It benefits all students when they have opportunities to learn, grow, and interact with each other,” says Stephanie Erbland, Special Education Teacher at Niwot Elementary, home to one of the district’s center-based autism programs. Since she began teaching at Niwot Elementary, Erbland’s goal has been to increase integration between the students enrolled in the center-based autism program and those in the general education courses. Through her vision and leadership, her students have increasingly engaged within the larger school community during lunch time, art, music, PE, and school assemblies.
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