Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

4th GradeArtworks

Rainbow Crow

Makenna Rosine

Endangered Species Print

Justin Murray

Self Portrait with mask

Jaqueline Martinez

Weaving from home

Miguel Villagrana Sandoval

Self Portrait

Abigail Hernon

Fluorescent Op-Art

Ami Fenz

Playing Chess With My Cousin

Miguel Ortiz

Pumpkin Landscape

Ariana Aldred

Pictograph Drawing

Isaac Griffin


McKenna Peebles

The Castle

Michael Ray Martinez

Radial Origami Paper Relief

Leah Robinson

Oil Pastel Stained Glass

Ian Ramirez

Emoji Mug

Ximena Solorzano

Piece of Cake

Aislynn Donovan

The Fantastic Unicorn

Vonn Snapp

Basil, Taylor and Thomas Moor, Dickes and Morrow

Living Worlds

Sydney Alleman

One-Point Perspective Landscape

Ruth Sanders

Van Gogh Inspired Starry Night

Jonathan Cano

Endangered Species Print

Reece Macchia

Modigliani Style Self Portraits

Jillian Ingegneri

Athena Montero Guerrero

Pumpkin Landscape

Aryan Shrestha

Van Gogh Inspired Starry Night

Addy McElvany

Abstract Art inspired by Amedokpo

Spencer Hostetter

Alaskan Moose

Bryson Schlueter

Anonymous. Taylor Dickes. Thomas Morrow

Cubism Warm & Cools

Lilah Corner

Patterned Pumpkin

Ava Hubbard

Pumpkin Landscape

Beckett Johnson

Thankful Tree

Adam Winn

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