Highlands Elementary Opens Its Doors as St. Vrain Valley’s Newest School

rendering of highlands elementary

The first day of school is always an exciting time for students, families, teachers and staff. When it is the first day for an entire new school, this excitement is magnified throughout the entire community. Earlier this week, Highlands Elementary, St. Vrain Valley School District’s newest school, opened its doors to welcome students. 

“It was just buzzing with excitement and energy,” said Principal Ryan Ball. “Every student, every parent, every teacher, and every member of our office staff – it was everyone’s first day, and everyone was thrilled to be starting a new school.”

Located in the Erie Highlands Subdivision neighborhood, the state of the art facility is the final school built with funds from St. Vrain Valley School’s bond measure approved by voters in 2016. The 70,000 square foot facility features classrooms grouped into pods, complete with large garage doors and extension areas for flexibility. The school also has a central media tech and library space, a STEM lab, an open auditorium and cafeteria commons area, an outdoor classroom, and a Significant Support Needs classroom and preschool. 

Highlands Elementary promotes a culture of wonder, creativity, and innovation for all students. The first day of school saw students already embodying this, as they collaborated, worked on design challenges, incorporated movement exercises, and explored their new space. 

Partnership with community is also a key part of Highlands’ mission, and community input has been crucial throughout the school’s design and opening. The building was designed with a Design Advisory Group including St. Vrain Valley Schools staff, HCM Architects, Build Strong, Oakwood Homes, and the Erie Highlands Homeowners Association. Community input were also critical in selecting the name, mascot and school colors.

Learn more about Highlands Elementary, and join us in welcoming them to St. Vrain Valley Schools community.

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