Erie High School Senior Jamis Schriner Awarded $40K College Board Opportunity Scholarship on Good Morning America

Erie High School Students clapping to celebrate student achievement

Senior Jamis Schriner was surprised with a $40K College Board Opportunity Scholarship on Good Morning America on Monday, March 30 while his peers at school watched and celebrated him. Jamis is one of 25 students in the Class of 2021 from across the country to receive this award by completing the steps in the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program — steps that help students plan, prepare, and pay for college.

His peers at Erie High School watched the news segment in the school’s Tiger Den to show their support. They say he could not be more deserving of the scholarship. “No matter what is going on, Jamis is always positive,” said fellow senior and cross country teammate Lauren Davia. “He shows leadership everyday and always encourages everyone to do their best.”

Principal Matt Buchler closed the morning session by reminding students of the endless opportunities available to them. “Figuring out financing is almost always possible if you want to pursue higher education. We encourage you to work with your teachers, counselors, and school administration to help you figure out how to make your dreams come true,” said Principal Buchler. 

College Board has dedicated $25 million over five years to the program that lays out six simple steps all students can take to get to college. When students finish all 6 steps, they’ll be entered into the drawing for a $40,000 scholarship. Class of 2022 students who opt in now and get started by building their college list on BigFuture  by June 30 will be eligible for the next $40,000 Complete Your Journey scholarship.