Meet Some of St. Vrain’s Outstanding 2020 Grads

2020 Graduates are Taking the World by #StVrainStorm

Outstanding Graduates

Meet just a few of the appoximately 2,000 students who will receive their St. Vrain Valley Schools diploma this week. Congratulations to all students in the Class of 2020!

Erie High School

Erie HS

Biochemistry, University of Colorado Boulder

What advice would you give to students entering high school next year?
I would tell students entering high school next year to manage their time well throughout highschool. Good time management skills do a lot for your academic success and your own well-being.

Frederick High School


Aria Bragalone
Business/Media Marketing

Why should a student want to attend your high school?
Frederick High School has a small-town feel, but the opportunities are endless. We have so many options for different classes and clubs, so students can focus on exactly what they’re interested in. Our teachers and staff are passionate, and the passion is contagious among the students that they teach and mentor.

Longmont High School


Emmelia Ashton
Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

What makes your high school unique?
Longmont High School has over 100 years of tradition and a strong Alumni network. This is one of the many reasons that makes attending this school so amazing. The community is so strong, and there are always so many people willing to support you in any way that you need. The strong tradition is amazing because it gives you so many fun opportunities to get involved in the community, and it is so fun to be part of such a rich history.

Lyons High School

Lyons MS

Nicholas Boggess
Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

How has your school’s focus program prepared you for postsecondary success?
Programs that are based in school but also have an extra-curricular focus – things like Yearbook, Science and Leadership, or Jazz Band – have provided a doorway to my success outside of high school.

Mead High School


Payton Parker
Microbiology and Infectious Disease, Colorado State University 

What makes your high school unique?
Something unique about my high school is the assortment of AP and higher level learning courses as well as the aid that students can get from other members of the school whether it be from counselor, teachers, or peers. If you are struggling with some course, it doesn’t matter what, there are so many resources that you can tap into to get help. And with such a variety of classes you can explore many different courses and see what really sparks your interest, perhaps even for a future career.

Niwot High School


Nicholas Valin
Economics/Political Science, Georgetown University

Why should a student want to attend your high school?
Niwot High School has great academics with the IB program, great sports teams that win championships, and a wonderful community. A student that chooses to attend Niwot would find themselves among peers that are friendly, outgoing, and hardworking and they would certainly have a place here.

Olde Columbine High School


Alexia Gisel Alvarado Mejia
Nursing, University of Colorado Boulder

Why should a student want to attend your high school?
Olde Columbine is the community that supported me in my dreams and made me who I am today. Olde Columbine gave me opportunities like being part of a published article, access to Career Development Center, and the opportunity to serve on the district student advisory committee. I will forever be an Olde Columbine Eagle! 

Silver Creek High School


Katie Lam
Sociology with a double-minor in Film and Asian American Studies, New York University

What advice would you give to students entering high school next year?
Try something new and take risks. I was very reluctant to try speech and debate but turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Even though it may be a little scary, I promise that most of the time it will be rewarding.

Skyline High School


Román Garcia Martinez
Politics and Sociology with a Minor in French Studies, University of San Francisco 

How has your school’s focus program prepared you for postsecondary success?
I completed the STEM program at Skyline High School and the challenging nature of the program has prepared me for postsecondary success. I participated in many hands-on experiments and projects, which built my confidence. The STEM program also pushed me to take advanced math courses that I didn’t think I could find success in but did. I also participated in Robotics, which is something I would never have done had I not been in the STEM program. Robotics further developed my public speaking skills and offered what I think is the greatest skill needed for postsecondary success – collaboration with people I don’t know.

St. Vrain Online Global Academy


Emily Lehman
Business Administration, University of Northern Colorado

What makes your high school unique?
Online high school isn’t considered the traditional high school education path, so that right there naturally makes it stand out. I think it’s the level of connection you’re able to form with your teachers and the staff at SVOGA that really sets my high school apart from the others.

APEX Homeschool Program


Ethan Vaughan
Philosophy, University of Saint Thomas Houston What advice would you give to students entering high school next year?If you push yourself and desire to succeed, you will. The mind is the most powerful weapon at your disposal, use it, and don’t slack off. Fight these next few years, so that the future you will thank you.