STEM camp encourages SVVSD students to tackle big problems

By Amy Bounds, Times-Call

Victoria Hoppis’ vision for a more sustainable city includes a park with treadmills, yoga mats, dog leashes for rent and a pond that makes bubbles that find and clean air pollution.

“We have trees because we need more trees,” the incoming sixth-grader at Erie Middle School said Wednesday as she explained the highlights of the city prototype she created with her group at the St. Vrain Valley School District’s Innovation Academy.

Teammate Brielle Wach, an incoming fifth-grader at Central Elementary School, noted the dog leashes will include a hollow spot for poop bags and air fresheners.

“The smell is a reoccurring problem with my dog, and I don’t even try to smell it when I pick it up,” she said, adding that she signed up for the Innovation Academy because she loves engineering and robots. “I love this. It’s fun to cooperate with people and use materials to solve problems.”