Longmont elementary students at Eagle Crest join Niwot Elementary in helping Ugandan children

Eagle Crest art teacher Mandy Adams got the fourth-grade class settled in on Monday morning, then started quizzing them about their sister school in Uganda.

“Can anyone pronounce the village where our sister school is?” she asked as the 9- and 10-year-olds started trying to say Nkugulutale.

Adams pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket and sounded out the five-syllable word for the students.

“Na-goo-goo-la-tale,” she said before the students started to glaze clay homes they made as miniature copies of the clay brick homes in Nkugulutale, Uganda.

Eagle Crest Elementary has been matched with Mwebaza Annex school in Nkugulutale. The annex was built to help with overcrowding at Niwot Elementary School’s sister school, Mwebaza School.

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