Mead Elementary Supports Summer Reading

Mead Elementary started a Summer Fun Library Program this year that opens up their school library to the community from six to seven every Tuesday evening.

The town of Mead does not have a public library so it has been challenging in past years for students and their families to continue reading during the summer.

Jennifer Stanich, a kindergarten teacher at Mead Elementary, came up with the idea to open up their library after attending a similar program at Fall River Elementary with her children.

“It’s really just a chance to get books in the hands of children,” said Betsy Ball, Mead Elementary Principal.

They have a reading log program that gives students an opportunity to win prizes and encourages them to be reading at home with their families.

The programs are run by the Mead Elementary teachers who volunteer their time each week.

They help students check out books, give them prizes, and they even developed a book bag system to help students who are reading below their grade level.

“They are volunteering their time out of the goodness of their hearts because that’s what we do at Mead Elementary,” said Ball.

At the end of the school year teachers specifically invited struggling readers to participate in the Summer Fun library program and created book bags with individualized materials they believe will help them learn and grow.

They can exchange their book bags each week for a new set of reading material at their reading level.

After students check out books there are two read alouds each Tuesday. One for the kindergarten through second graders and one for the third through fifth graders.

“Adults and students alike are mesmerized by the books during our read alouds,” Ball said.

This program has been a great way for Mead Elementary to connect more with their community. They have been engaging with families and developing relationships with them while still pushing students to continue reading and learning during the summer months.

The program is seeing great success in its first year, but the Mead Elementary team is always looking to do more.

Their next goal is to get books on a bookshelf in a club house of a community that has been tough for them to reach.