St. Vrain Valley Schools sees its highest ACT scores ever

Through a combination of teacher and student dedication, strong support from school and district leadership, and overall skills-based preparation, St Vrain Valley Schools has achieved its highest ACT scores ever with a composite score of 20.9, compared to the state average of 20.4. This score demonstrates a significant increase from previous years, but more importantly reflects the shared value that each and every student deserves the opportunity to leave our schools better prepared for college and the demands of tomorrow’s career landscape.

St Vrain has always focused on improving test scores, with a concerted effort around improving student’s college and career readiness as measured by the ACT. The past few years, we’ve provided student access to full-length practice tests, adopted a third-party program, designed lessons to increase student stamina and efficiency, and worked toward the common goal of coaching students to meet as many ACT benchmarks as possible. Meeting these benchmark scores indicate a high probability of earning a C in a college freshman class and avoiding costly remediation classes.

Since 2013, St Vrain has seen an increase of .5 on the composite score, bringing us to a rounded score of 21. Our students now rank in the 50th percentile nationally. That number becomes all the more impressive when considering that Colorado tests all 11th graders, not just those intending to attend a four-year college or university promptly after graduating high school. Furthermore, though the national percent of students meeting all four benchmarks has stayed the same over the course of five years, St Vrain’s numbers in this area continues to rise.

New this year, our tenth-grade students will sit to take the PSAT 10, while our 11th graders take the SAT. The Assessment and Curriculum Department will continue to partner with students, teachers, parents, and staff to continue the momentum toward college and career readiness for all.