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Alternative Options

Alternative School Options In addition to high-quality neighborhood schools and open enrollment across the district, St. Vrain Valley Schools also offers a number of strong alternative school options. New Meridian High School New Meridian High School is St. Vrain Valley Schools’ alternative high school program, offering a regular high school diploma in a small, community-oriented
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Concurrent Enrollment

Spring 2022 Concurrent Enrollment Student Checklist You have indicated that you are interested in enrolling in a college course while a high school student. The State of Colorado provides several options for students who meet high school standards to begin college early. The purpose of these options include promoting content standards, academic challenge and enrichment,
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Students with Disabilities

Supporting Students with Disabilities During COVID-19 We are looking forward to the upcoming school year. The purpose of this information is to communicate the next steps around our return to school plan specific to students with disabilities.  All students will attend school 5 days a week in person. For all students with disabilities, they, like
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Report Cards

Report Cards Welcome to the St. Vrain Valley School District’s elementary report card website. Our elementary schools have been using a standards-based report card since 2003. The standards-based report card is designed to inform parents about their student’s progress towards mastering the Colorado Academic Standards. In school year 2020-2021, we adopted newly worded report cards
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Erie High School students achieve liftoff in the Great American Rocketry Challenge

Erie High School’s Academy of Engineering and Aerospace students have once again pursued an ambitious capstone project, building and launching rockets to participate in the Great American Rocketry Challenge.
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Pathways in Technology Early College High School St. Vrain Valley Schools is home to Colorado’s first Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) program, now offered at three district high schools. P-TECH is a new type of school that brings together the best elements of high school, college and the professional world, allowing students
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Digital Library (Sora)

St Vrain’s digital library is a curated collection of thousands of ebooks, audio books, and professional development books available for all students and staff. Click to browse thousands of books for pleasure reading, assigned reading, or professional development. Click to open a Sora Work Order if you run into issues with logging in, downloading books,
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