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Policies and Procedures

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Top Five Recommended School Library Reviewing Sources:
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  • Booklist
  • School Library Journal
  • Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) Best Books for Young Adults
  • Additional Review Resources

Relevant School Board Policies:

School Board Policies

File: EGAD 

Copyright Compliance 

The Board does not sanction illegal use or duplication of copyrighted materials in any form. Neither district employees nor students shall either duplicate or use copyrighted materials in violation of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder. Furthermore, illegal copies of copyrighted materials shall not be made or used on district equipment. Copyrighted materials may only be used or duplicated when the use or duplication constitutes a “fair-use” of materials as defined by law or with prior permission of the copyright holder by letter, license, email or by telephone. Employees or students who willfully disregard the district’s copyright position do so at their own risk and assume all liability. 

Adopted: January 24, 1996 Revised: June 25, 2008 Revised: November 11, 2015 LEGAL REF.: 17 U.S.C. §101 et seq. (agreement on guidelines for classroom copying in Not-for-Profit Educational Institutions, 3/19/76, printed as H.R. Rep. No. 1476, 94th Cong., 2d Sess. 81 (1976))

File: IJ 

Instructional Resources and Materials 

As the governing body of the school district, the Board is legally responsible for the selection of instructional materials. Since the Board is a policymaking body, it delegates to the district’s professional personnel the authority for the selection of instructional and library materials in accordance with this policy. Instructional materials for school classrooms and school libraries shall be selected by the appropriate professional personnel from the department of learning services in consultation with the administration, teachers and students. Final decision on purchase shall rest with the superintendent or designee, subject to approval by the Board. All instructional resources and materials shall be aligned with the district’s academic standards and support the district’s educational objectives. All textbooks, library materials and other instructional resources and materials shall be available for inspection by students’ parents/guardians. 

Adopted: February 8, 1984 Revised: June 25, 1986 Revised: June 8, 1994 Revised: May 10, 2006 Revised: October 28, 2015 LEGAL REFS.: C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(t) (Board duty to determine educational programs and prescribe textbooks) C.R.S. 22-32-110 (1)(r) (Board power to exclude immoral or pernicious materials and books) C.R.S. 22-54-105 (1) (budgeting for instructional supplies and materials) CROSS REFS.: DB, Annual Budget, and subcodes IMB, Teaching about Controversial Issues and Use of Controversial Materials KEC, Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources

File: IJK

 Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption 

The Board recognizes that it may be necessary to use various types of supplementary materials in addition to the basic and fundamental textbooks to support implementation of a standards-base curriculum and student attainment of district academic standards. For the purpose of this policy, supplementary materials shall be defined as any instructional materials other than textbooks including but not limited to books, periodicals, newspapers, pictures, diagrams, maps, charts, slides, films, audio tapes, videotapes, computer programs, and web-based resources.

The Board believes that teachers and administrators should have a large role in recommendation and selection of supplementary materials. Teachers are encouraged to use a wide range of learning aids, provided the expense incurred in purchasing these aids remains within the limits of the budget. The superintendent or designee shall develop a plan which will allow teacher participation in the selection of supplementary materials. This plan shall be part of the budgeting process, and Board approval shall be assumed by its inclusion in the adopted annual budget. All instructional resources and materials, including supplementary materials, shall be available for inspection by parents and guardians. 

Adopted: June 11, 2008 Revised: October 28, 2015 LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(t) (board duty to determine educational programs and prescribe textbooks) CROSS REFS.: DB, Annual Budget, and subcodes IJ, Instructional Resources and Materials KEC, Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources

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