DLMS Services

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DLMS Services

CLiC Courier Service

Did a public library book get returned to your school? Drop it in the blue media bag and we can get it back to them through the courier service.

Are you a subscriber to CLiC and want to request something? The SVVSD courier code is C982. Make sure your name is on the request so we can get it to you.


Completing an inventory is a way to ensure the health and relevance of a school library. Inventories of school libraries are recommended every three years. If you would like help in getting started or are confused about the procedure, please contact Helen ([email protected]).


Is your school laminator broken or busy? DLMS has a full sized one (up to 24 inches wide) you many borrow. The price is $0.50 a foot, cash only please. Please call 20 minutes ahead so we can warm up the machine.


Weeding a library is the process of getting rid of out-dated items, items in poor condition, or items that do not circulate. There is a procedure on how to weed your school libraries. If you would like to get started or have questions about this procedure, please contact Helen ([email protected]).

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