Highlands Elementary School Guiding Principles

Building rendering of Elementary 28 with students outside gathering and blue sky overhead

Highlands Elementary School Guiding Principles

Highlands Elementary Guiding Principles


At Highlands Elementary, where everyone dreams, wonders, creates, and innovates, we transform the way our students and community define learning.


In partnership with our community, Highlands Elementary celebrates creative, curious and empathetic learners, empowering all to reach their full potential and positively impact our global society.

Core Values
Outcomes for Students

Our students will:

  • display empathy, an eagerness to learn, and respectful behavior
  • be encouraged to explore their own personal interests and have a voice in their individual goals
  • demonstrate exemplary academic growth
Conditions for Learning

We will:

  • prepare all students for success in our global society through innovative, collaborative and creative learning opportunities
  • be an inspiring, safe and positive learning community where students’ questions and learning processes are as valued as the outcomes
  • commit to be accountable to decisions made that are driven by student data, mission statement, vision statement and core values
  • establish a schedule that maximizes student success and a culture of collaboration within and between levels and departments
  • develop, and value, ongoing partnerships between students, staff, parents and the community
  • establish clear and consistent communication systems and expectations
Commitments to each other

We will:

  • create an environment that fosters relevant and meaningful learning experiences
  • be a community that is empathetic, focused and intentional
  • share responsibility for the achievement of all our students
  • be innovative educators committed to ongoing, targeted professional development
  • embrace shared decision making
  • be open to change and be willing to be flexible
  • value trusting and respectful relationships grounded in our core values, mission and vision
  • welcome new staff and prioritize the development of lasting positive relationships
  • unconditionally celebrate each other’s successes
  • approach all situations assuming positive intent
  • communicate openly and clearly
  • treat each other as professionals, and respectfully interact with each other to create an environment where everyone feels safe
  • reflect on, and learn from, our failures and accomplishments
  • provide opportunities to connect outside of the building