Autism Programming

Niwot Elementary PE class

Autism Programming


The SVVSD Autism Team is comprised of seven autism specialists. Specialists serve in a variety of roles and share a common purpose of supporting increasing independence, access to meaningful instruction and social competence for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through collaboration with school teams and parents.  Autism Specialists strive to ensure that programming for students with ASD is aligned with the Colorado Department of Education’s Autism Program Quality Indicators in the areas listed below.

  • Individual Evaluation and Individualized Education Programs
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Methodology
  • Review and Monitoring of Progress and Outcomes
  • Family Involvement and Support
  • Transition
  • Behavior

Two Autism Specialists primarily provide support to Specialized Autism Programs or the district center-based autism programs.  These programs are currently located at Longmont Estates Elementary, Niwot Elementary, Prairie Ridge Elementary, and Altona Middle School.  The Specialists’ roles in these buildings include activities such as:  modeling for and coaching of staff; data collection and/or data review; training building staff; assistance with Individualized Education Plan (IEP) development; assistance with completion of Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and development of Behavior Support Plans (BSPs); consultation and collaboration related to student programming; participation in meetings with parents; and collaboration with parents, other district teams, and private providers.

The other Specialists serve in similar roles for students with ASD who attend their neighborhood school or their school of choice and the school staff who work with them.  In addition, these specialists are part of the district Specialized Assessment Team.  Please refer to the Specialized Assessment Team description for more information related to Specialists’ roles in the assessment process.

All specialists participate in the provision of training, at the district level, school level and/or building team level on topics such as:  data collection/analysis; evidence-based methodology/instructional strategies for students with ASD; autism assessments and the educational identification of ASD; understanding behavior and supporting behavior change; use of various curricula.