A stack of Books


A stack of Books


Buchter Classification System (BCS) Information and Signage

The Buchter Classification System is an alternative classification system that is used in the St Vrain Valley School District. Other classification systems include the Dewey Decimal System and the Library of Congress Classification System, to name a few. The BCS model is also referred to as the Book Store model and groups titles in subject areas, much like how a book store is organized.

Many schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District have converted from the Dewey Decimal System to the BCS. It is a huge undertaking to convert an existing Dewey library to a BCS library.
If you want to learn more about that process please visit BCS Blog Entries to read librarians actual thoughts and feelings throughout this process. 

Schools who use the BCS as a classification system also need different signage displayed in their libraries. This signage was designed and approved by the district. If you need any replacement signs or posters, please use the order form to request more.

BCS Schools in SVVS:

Elementary Schools/Preschools:
Black Rock Elementary School
Erie Elementary School
Fall River Elementary School
Grand View Elementary School
Lyons Elementary School
Mead Elementary School
Red Hawk Elementary School
Rocky Mountain Elementary School
Spark! Preschool

Middle Schools:
Erie Middle School
Longs Peak Middle School
Mead Middle School
Sunset Middle School
Trail Ridge Middle School

High Schools/Middle-Senior School:
Erie High School
Longmont High School (fiction only)
Lyons Middle/Senior

K-8 Schools:
Soaring Heights PK-8
Timberline PK-8
Thunder Valley K-8


Cataloging is very essential to the SVVSD libraries.
If you have any questions about cataloging, please call Norm Birt (X 57742) or Jean Burow (X 57746).

Vendors – A list of all the vendors that have partnered with SVVSD

Cataloging Procedures – The list of procedures for cataloging books in school libraries. This is the material that Jean presents to the new library training. 

New Procedures – New procedures and policies for the libraries and cataloging. 

Destiny (Library Management System)

Destiny is the web-based Library Management System that the district librarians use to manage their library materials, as well as where teachers and staff can find our Media Services Collection materials that are available to supplement their classroom curriculum. Since Destiny is web-based, librarians and teachers are able to log on from any computer or device, for added convenience.

Students are able to search their library’s catalog to find a book to read for class or for pleasure. If the student’s school library doesn’t have the book available, students are able to borrow books from other district libraries. 

Teachers and Staff, feel free to browse the catalog and book your materials now. Please view the tutorial for How to Order Materials from the Media Services Collection for easy-to-understand instructions. 

Digital Citizenship

St. Vrain is an inclusive community of informed, aware and balanced citizens who thoughtfully engage in our digital world.
     Inclusive – We respectfully recognize multiple viewpoints and engage with others with respect and empathy.
     Informed – We evaluate the accuracy, perspective, and validity of media.
     Aware – We know how to be safe and interact carefully and thoughtfully.
     Balanced – We make informed decisions about how to prioritize time and activities online and off.
     Engaged – We build community, solve problems, and create knowledge to improve ourselves and our world. 

Laws, Policies, and Guidelines

Laws and Policies are very important to St. Vrain Valley Schools. It is important to be aware of the copyright laws that pertain to print, music, and video materials. It is also important to be aware of the SVVSD school board policies that pertain to these subjects.

If you have any questions about the Laws and Policies in regards to Library materials, please contact Zac Chase (303.682.7308)

Copyright Laws

School Board Policies


SVVSD Collection Selection Guidelines – COMING SOON!


Media Services manages and curates the district-wide lending library of supplemental materials. Previously known as Curriculum Support, the Media Services Collection offers book sets, videos, audio books, kits, models and much more to enhance classroom materials and instruction. Teachers and staff can reserve their materials using Destiny and they will be delivered directly to their schools. The Media Services Collection is available for all teachers and staff in the district. 

When you are ready to order materials, please review the tutorial for How to Reserve Materials from the Media Services Collection

    Booksets & Audio Books Catalog

     DVD’s Catalog

     Kits (Science, Social Studies, GT, and Makerspace) Catalog

     Databases Catalog