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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are offered through eCredit?
MathEnglishSocial StudiesScience/Electives
Intermediate Algebra A
Intermediate Algebra B
Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Geometry A
Geometry B
Algebra 2A
Algebra 2B
English 9A
English 9B
English 10A
English 10B
English 11A
English 11B
English 12A
English 12B
World Studies A
World Studies B
US Government A
US Government B
US History A
US History B
Biology A
Biology B
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
How should I choose which class to take in eCredit?

Make sure you talk with your counselor to determine which class you need to recover.  You MUST have failed the course and have an F on your transcript to recover the credit.  eCredit classes were not created as first time courses.

Does my parent/guardian need to attend an orientation?

Yes. In order to be considered enrolled in the program a parent should have attended one of the orientation dates. A parent does not have to attend parent orientation if they attended during a previous semester.

What do I need to do to register?

Click on the Fall, Spring or Summer eCredit tab. Click on Registration. You may choose Registration in person or online registration. You can pay online with a card or in person with cash or check. Incomplete payments online will be voided, money reimbursed and the student will not be registered. In person payments will only be accepted if complete. Registration must be completed before deadline – NO registrations will be taken at Parent Orientation.

Will I make a good candidate?

Good candidates can answer YES to these questions. Students who struggle in eCredit typically say No to at least 2 items. If you are that student, and insist of taking eCredit please know you will  struggle with eCredit.

  1. I have access to a Computer and the Internet
  2. I can attend all after school meetings
  3. I have reliable transportation that can get me to eCredit every week
  4. I do not have a job after school or baby sit siblings. Or if I do, it is just once or twice a week and does not interfere with eCredit
  5. My after school sports will not interfere with attending after school eCredit or completing lesson activities
  6. I am ready to learn the content this time around
  7. I know how to follow directions from an online instructor. OR I am willing to learn to do that.
  8. I know how to take effective notes and know HOW TO USE them in a test.. OR I am ready to learn how to do that.
  9. I can minimize online distractions ( I won’t visit external sites such as facebook or you tube)
  10. I will do my own work and not have someone else complete my work for me
  11. I will complete at least 60% of quizzes in the presence of my teacher
  12. If I am taking a Social Studies or English course, I am committed to write every other week
Does that mean that I can work from home?

Yes. You should be completing 10% of work every week for ten-twelve weeks to be 100 percent complete. At least 60% of your quizzes must be completed in the presence of your teacher. Teachers will administer pop quizzes on quizzes completed at home to verify that students are doing their own work. Note: Original scores will be replaced with failed pop quizzes. Over the summer you will be expected to complete up to 25% of work every week. 

How long do I have to complete my work?

Course work must be completed within the 12-week session. This does not include holidays. No extensions will be given.

Is this an online course or a face-to-face course?

It’s a blend of both. You are required to attend every face to face meeting. However, you can work online from anywhere with Internet connection. You can work every day for as long as you choose and get done as soon as you have submitted the required course work. This means you can complete the course much sooner than the deadline depending on the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to completing the coursework.

What if I decide to drop after registering?

You may drop at any time but the fee is non-refundable. If you drop before the start of a new session you may defer your fees to the next session. 

How much does it cost?

$120 per 0.5 credit
$175 per 1.0 credit

Students on free and reduced lunch
$60 per 0.5
$90 per 1.0 credit