Unified Improvement Planning

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Unified Improvement Planning

Resources 2020-2021

Deadline for UIP submission to the district:  March 1, 2021.

When the UIP is complete, please use the Quality Criteria 2020-2021 School Level document to make sure the UIP includes all required areas.  Once the UIP meets all criteria, follow the directions in the Submitting UIP for District Review document below.

Training Resources

UIP Training/Work Sessions

Improvement Planning during the 2020-2021 School Year

UIP Online System Login

UIP SVVS Online Training 2020 –  Training for creating the 2020 UIP including the online system.

UIP Guidelines – Short guide to UIP development in SVVS.

Data Analysis Resources

State Data Available

Using Non-Assessment Data for School Improvement

School Dashboards

Strategy Guides

Submitting the UIP

Quality Criteria for school UIP 2020 –2021 Please complete this check sheet before submitting your UIP for review and make revisions as necessary.

Submitting UIP for District Review

School Accountability Guide

Additional Resources

CDE UIP Handbook