Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas
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Unframed Student Artshow

Painted Canvas

10th GradeArtworks

Ad Campaign

Bryan Escamilla

The Lonely Bird

Dylan Morales

Sun in a Bottle

Cassidy Fletcher

Victoria Garcia Martinez


Megan Majeres


Marsh Rooney

Past, Present, and Future Flat Lay Photographs

Makenna Pierson

Dynamic Composition

Emma Jones

Cool Energy

Ciaran Vaughan

Star Wars

Lauren von Niederhausern

Anastasia Sorrell

Seed Pod

Frankie Gaytan

Giselle Vargas De Santiago

Grisaille, s'il vous plait.

Shylee Monahan-Mitchell

Dynamic Composition

Elijah Teaupa

My Pandemic Song

Violet Johson

Inprogress Work

Abygail Read

Felted Fox

Savannah Sievers

School Life

Anthony Molnar

Perception vs. Reality/Candles

Savannah Sievers

Past, Present, and Future

Cheyenne Mayers

Air Goddess

Tyler Porter

Realism to Abstract

Danny Hawkins

Baby Steps to Equality

Raelynne Baucom

Realism to Abstract

Addie Knode

Landscape in acrylic

Reylynn Killinger

Prima Konkeu Keubou

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