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Dylan Radford
Wellness Coordinator

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St. Vrain Valley School District values the health and wellbeing of their employees. In an effort to improve the health of all SVVSD employees, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and have a healthier and happier workforce, the district established a Worksite Wellness Program in 2010.

Mission: To establish a culture of health and wellness that encourages lifelong healthy behaviors and attitudes, fosters a healthy learning environment, promotes student achievement and benefits our employees and community through improved quality of life.

Primary Goals:

  • Encourage a Supportive Social and Physical Environment that Promotes a Culture of Healthy Lifestyles for All District Employees.
  • Provide a variety of wellness initiatives to educate employees about the importance of modifiable risk factors and to encourage healthy behavior change.
  • Raise Awareness and Engagement of wellness initiatives for optimal health.
  • Engage Leadership in Supporting, Role Modeling, and Communicating Wellness in the Workplace.

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Dylan Radford
Wellness Coordinator