Buses & Transportation

Elementary students, including those attending a K-8 or PK-8 school, who live more than one and one-half miles and secondary students who live more than two and one-half miles from the school in their home attendance area may ride from a specified pick-up point established by the department of transportation to the school facility in their attendance area. Please complete the School Bus Rider Registration form by August 1 to apply for transportation or call (303) 702-7530 for additional information.

Department Policy

Cell Phone Policy
The Department of Transportation realizes cell phones can be a useful item in today’s world but also believes that as with all modern devices there is a time and a place for cell phones. The Department of Transportation's first and foremost concern is the safety of passengers as well as other motorists traveling on the roadways. The Department asks that students refrain from using cell phones while on the school bus. Willful disregard of the driver’s request to shut off or not use the cell phone will result in disciplinary action by the driver, Transportation Director, and/or school administration.

Overcrowding Policy
Because of school bus over-crowding, it is necessary to limit the ridership to only those students registered and assigned to that particular route. Please do not send a note with your child asking to ride the bus or to bring a friend home on the bus.

Any student who misses their assigned bus should report to the school office and call parents for a ride.

Permissible Items Policy
The St. Vrain Valley School District Transportation Services does not allow students to bring the following items on the school bus: roller blades, skate boards, and/or scooters. Safety and available space are foremost in transporting students. Please share this information with your children and make other arrangements to transport these items if your child needs them for school activities. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Board Policies

The following board policies relate to transportation to and from school and riding a school bus.

  • Open Enrollment - JFBA/JFBB, JFBA/JFBB-R
  • Student Conduct in School Vehicles - JICC
  • Student Transportation In Private Vehicles - EEAG
  • Student Transportation In Private Vehicles - EEAG-R
  • Use of Safety and Security Technologies - JLIF-R
  • Walkers & Riders - EEAA


All students riding the bus are required to submit a completed transportation registration application form at the beginning of each school year. Route drivers will distribute registration application forms to eligible bus riders within the first three weeks of school. New students to the district eligible for bus transportation should make a request and complete a registration application as soon as practical.

Special Transportation Request

Under special circumstances parents may petition a change in rider eligibility for their students. Click here to make a space available transportation request.

Pick-up and drop-off times

For security purposes, pick-up and drop-off times for all bus schedules, including late start days, are not posted publicly.  You can find your student's transportation information by logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Once logged in choose 'Transportation' from the left hand menu.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions about transportation to and from schools or riding a District bus, please contact the Department of Transportation at (303) 702-7530.