Professional Development

David Baker
Professional Development Coordinator

Teaching and Learning Coaches
Patty Hagan
Trip Merklein
Misti Snow

Learning Technology Coaches
Kelly Addington
Rodrigo Anadon
Violet Christensen
Courtney Groskin
Sam Holloway
Karen Hoppis
Katie Kelly
Lindsay LaPorte
Casey Luker
Eric Rasmussen
Sarah Wegert

P-Teach Program
Wendy Howenstein



The Office of Professional Development provides ongoing support for all licensed, administrative, and classified personnel.  Our goal is to build the capacity of all district employees through staff development that improves the learning of all the children we serve.  The department also coordinates the induction program for personnel new to the district or their position.

Guiding principles of the Office of Professional Development

  • Improve learning for all students.
  • Improve teacher effectiveness.
  • Set high standards for teachers, administrators and classified staff.
  • Promote continuous staff learning and reflection.
  • Enhance staff intellectual and leadership capacity.

Underlying Assumptions of Professional Development in St. Vrain

  • Continuous learning and reflection lead to improved professional practice, job performance and/or increased student learning.
  • Adults learn well by structuring their own learning.
  • Collaborative problem solving fosters efficacy and interdependence among staff.
  • Learning that is designed by the individual(s) must be research based, data driven and centered on professional practice, job performance and/or increased student learning.
  • Learning must be linked to district, school, and professional growth goals.
  • Effective professional development generates results that are talked about and shared with students and colleagues.


  • Three Teaching and Learning Coaches, and eleven Learning Technology Coaches
  • District Induction Program for teachers, administrators and classified staff
  • District professional development courses for all employees
  • Professional Development Models and Applications
  • University Partnerships
  • Partners in Education (PIE) Program
  • P-Teach
  • Student teacher supervision and support
  • New Employee Orientation (teachers, administrators and classified staff)
  • Classified Welcome Back
  • Title IIa funding