Auditorium Use

Most high schools have auditoriums that are available for public rental. Seating capacity and availability vary greatly from school to school.

Seating Capacity

  • Silver Creek High School: 400
  • Erie High School: 599
  • Mead High School: 599                  
  • Frederick High School: 743
  • Longmont High School: 780
  • Niwot High School: 783
  • Vance Brand Civic Auditorium (Skyline High School): 1344

Users of these facilities will incur fees for rent, sound and lighting fees, associated classroom and/or cafeteria rental, some equipment costs, technical labor costs, and custodial labor costs. For more details, contact the Facility Use Office (303) 652-6310 or email

Looking for a smaller venue? Perhaps one of our middle school facilities is a better fit for your event. Call or email for details.