Infinite Campus Enhancements

The latest update to Infinite Campus provides many helpful improvements. Among them:

  • An optional new interface for teachers, and a change in how we handle students who participate virtually on a scheduled in-person day. Check out this video to learn more! 
  • With the recent update to Infinite Campus, we have a new Blended Learning Group Assignments tab that displays the history of a student’s blended learning group through the 20-21 school year.  It is a Read Only tab and there is the option to print it.  It is in Student Information > General > Blended Learning Group Assignments tab. The bottom item is the current active group, and lists the end date of 7/19/2021, as that is the last date of the 20-21 calendar in Infinite Campus.
  • An option has been added that allows teachers to duplicate individual assignments. To duplicate an assignment, click the arrow next to the Edit button and select Duplicate. This process opens a copy that matches the existing assignment with the words “Copy of” added to the title. Teachers can then modify the assignment as desired and click Save when finished