Superintendent's Update - May 2016

Innovation and integrity - an open letter to our 2016 graduates

Dear Class of 2016,

This week you will walk across a stage to receive your St. Vrain Valley diploma with approximately 2,000 of your peers. I am continually in awe of your academic achievements, strength of character and the inspirational leadership you bring to our communities. Your integrity, drive and confidence is a testament to the unwavering support of your families, friends, teachers, school staff and elected officials. As you begin your next journey, please know that you will always have supporters in St. Vrain who will continue to advocate for your success and the impact that you are going to have in this world.

I am incredibly proud to be serving such dedicated and engaged citizens through the delivery of a high-quality education that has emphasized the skills you will need for a successful future. If we reflect back to thirteen years ago (2003), when you were entering kindergarten, we see a very different educational environment than what you experience today.

Through strong and passionate support, our community forever transformed public education for St. Vrain students. The passing of the 2008 bond and mill levy override and the 2012 mill levy override catapulted the district into a nationally recognized center of educational innovation with rigorous academics, exceptional focus program opportunities and outstanding teachers and staff.

As a 2016 graduate of St. Vrain, you had access to cutting-edge technology and could enroll in instructional focus academics in Energy, Engineering and Aerospace, Medical and BioScience, Leadership, STEM and Visual and Performing Arts. You took more rigorous courses than any previous graduating class, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Honors and concurrent enrollment through partnerships with Colorado State University, the University of Colorado, Front Range Community College and others. You also excelled in visual and performing arts, co-curricular activities and athletics, bringing home numerous state, national and international awards.

Where we are today and where we are going tomorrow is because we live in a region that understands the significant role public education plays in the future of our nation. This year we have approximately 2,300 students entering kindergarten. By 2029, we project their class will have grown to almost 3,000 students who will walk across a stage to receive their St. Vrain diploma. As we continue our promise and commitment to champion success for every student who walks through our doors, we will also continue to innovate and define what excellence in public education can do for our students and community.

Congratulations to all of our 2016 graduates - on behalf of everyone at St. Vrain Valley Schools - thank you for growing with us and challenging us to continually improve and deliver an education that will best prepare future graduates for the road ahead.

Don Haddad, Ed.D.
Superintendent, St. Vrain Valley Schools

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