St. Vrain welcomes 210 new teachers to the district

This month, 210 new educators were inducted into the St. Vrain community during a three-day New Teacher Orientation (NTO). Designed to attract and retain highly effective teachers, NTO is one of the first steps to building a strong community, fostering continued dedication and reinforcing St. Vrain's commitment to providing the best learning environment for all students.

The 2016-17 new teacher class is one of the largest in the district's history with many new positions being added due to enrollment growth. Currently, St. Vrain Valley Schools is growing by 800-1,000 additional students every year.

Organized through the Office of Professional Development, NTO emphasizes the approach, knowledge, attitude, skills, aspirations and behaviors that educators will need to be successful and champion the innovative and rigorous instructional pedagogy and philosophies of St. Vrain. Many of the sessions are lead by fellow teachers, giving new educators an immediate connection to someone who can serve as a mentor and source for information and support.

“St. Vrain teachers are incredibly supportive of one another,” said Karen Smith, Professional Learning Coach in the Office of Professional Development. “It is powerful for new teachers to hear from a practicing teacher who is in the trenches just like they are. We really do build a community of practice among all of our educators.”

The Office of Professional Development gathers data throughout the year to understand the needs of classroom teachers, school principals, curriculum coordinators and others. This information is used to tailor the NTO program to ensure that teachers are getting the tools and training they need the most.

Through collaboration with District Technology Services and the Department of Curriculum, alongside community partners such as Elevations Credit Union and the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, the Office of Professional Development starts every academic year focused on how to help our teachers and staff get the tools they need to best serve our students, schools and community.