St. Vrain Recognized as a Top Digital District

There is a steady pulse that you feel throughout St. Vrain. The pulse is a driving strategy, a mission, a collective goal to take our schools from very good to remarkable. To some, very good would be a place to hang our hats, but for the teachers, staff and administration, very good is the first benchmark - and we are just getting started.

Patrick Mount, Tori Teague and Kahle Charles accepting award at Learning Counsel GatheringThis year, St. Vrain was one of 11 school districts that were honored at the Learning Counsel Annual Gathering and National Awards for our management-level restructuring that incorporated digital curriculum throughout our schools and district. We were recognized for our efforts to create a personal learning environment for every student where technology and additional digital resources are thoughtfully integrated in classrooms throughout all schools.

What started as a great tool for self reflection, the survey from The Learning Counsel has transformed into a larger opportunity to learn current trends, network with educational leaders and implement ideas that will positively benefit our teachers and students.

“The Learning Council’s 2017 Digital Curriculum Strategy School Assessment Tool & Survey proved to be a valuable tool with this process,” said Kahle Charles, Executive Director of Curriculum. “Through the survey, we were able to understand the extent of our digital content implementation, identify the gaps in our implementation of digital content, and gather the information about next steps in our action plan. This also provided a great opportunity to engage current staff members in the planning and implementation process."

The next part of the award focused on our work preparing students for a complex, globalized economy. In a world that provides 24/7 access to information, St. Vrain continues to provide professional development to our teachers and staff that prepares them for the next generation of learners. In these classrooms, the teacher is no longer the owner of knowledge, but they have transformed into the facilitator of learning, the partner in providing hands on experiences and the leader when helping students see the real world impact a project or learning objective will have on their future.

As St. Vrain continues to design curriculum that creates a learning environment that not only builds the foundation for future academic success, but prepares our students and teachers for careers that do not exist, very good will not be our end. We will continue to ask the why, and determine the how and what.

Read more about our latest award and the survey.