Square Skate State brings skateboarding lessons to Longmont's Eagle Crest Elementary

Students at Longmont's Eagle Crest Elementary learned tic tacs, kick turns and ollies in lessons on skateboarding fundamentals during their P.E. classes.

"I'm glad that they brought it to our school," said fourth-grader Hans Hoermann. "It's fun. It's not a sport like soccer where there are rules and penalties. There are lots of options. There are lots of ways to do it."

Square State Skate, based in Lafayette, came to the school to teach about 300 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders a series of three or four lessons, depending on grade. About half the students had never tried skateboarding before.

P.E. teacher Jason Goldsberry said he added skateboarding to the curriculum because it's one more way to get kids active.

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