ICAP journey empowers students and their families


Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is a multi-year process that intentionally guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic and post-secondary opportunities.

It is a transformative plan that spans the lives of students from middle high school years through high school while continuing into adulthood.

ICAP is student driven and empowering. It helps students find and articulate their voice. But individual plans are so much more than that. Eighth graders at Timberline PK-8 are creating and preparing college and career-ready ICAP’s in Language Arts classes with teachers Ashley McIntyre and Liz Hoelzer.

“ICAP is a plan for my future – a guideline for my career. It might change over time, but I always have a map to get me where I’m going.”

-Samantha Ochoa, Eighth Grader, Timberline PK-8

Who am I?  What motivates me?  Where do I want to be after high school?
With the support of teachers and their families, ICAP helps students address these fundamental questions. While creating their ICAP’s, students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skill needed to plan their own meaningful and powerful future for life after high school. 

“If you are feeling good about your future, then you feel good about yourself.”

-Middle School Race to the Top Counselor, Louise March, Timberline PK-8

Since the release of ICAP legislation in 2009, the CDE has partnered with the Colorado Community College System, career and technical education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education to conduct environmental scans, formal and informal interviews, statewide technical assistance and professional training for the ICAP process.

Eighth Graders Present ICAP’s at First Ever ICAP Awards
Twelve Timberline PK-8 eighth graders presented their ICAP’s to hundreds of counselors, teachers, administrators and members of the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) during the ICAP Awards in Loveland, Colo. on December 3.

Those students included: Cristian Alvidrez, Tania Echeverria Alejandre, Estefania Ramirez Bautista, Shade Grimsley, Kaci Hitt, Naima Kurjak, Fatima Medina, Karla Montoya, Karla Morales, Jose Moreno, Samantha Ochoa and Josue Rabun.

“I was so excited to share my ICAP experience with those 500+ people. Everyone deserves a bright future, and it was so exhilarating to watch all these people put so much effort into it. I’m so thankful.”

-Naima Kurjak, Eighth Grader, Timberline PK-8

The awards honored attendees who best demonstrate a meaningful ICAP process within a building, a school or district. Educators had the opportunity to nominate administrators, school counselors, and teachers for two awards in each of three categories. Recipients will be honored at the State Board of Education meeting in January of 2015.

“It was truly a transformative year on so many levels for my students,” says eighth grade Language Arts teacher, Ashley McIntyre. “Watching our students clearly and confidently articulate their goals to a room of this size was one of the highlights of my career.