Digital library is transformative for teachers and students alike

Reading is the key to each student’s success. To that end, a new digital library was launched January 26, 2015 in middle schools and high schools throughout the district. As one of the first digital libraries in the country, it offers nearly $210,000 worth of eBooks and audio books for students, staff and teachers.

The Digital Library Committee dedicated many hours to ensure that the best titles, topics and authors, as well as age appropriate books, were available in the digital library to reach all readers and interests. This process, which started last summer, began with funding from the curriculum department and quickly included instructional technology, media and library staff.

New Digital Library Available 24/7/365
That’s the beauty of the new library. As a result of iPad deployment in the district, readers have access to the library on any device – 24/7/365. And that means students can plug into the library at home, at a friend’s house, on the bus – even during spring break. Titles can be accessed and downloaded at home on a variety of devices, including phones, computers and iPads.

 “It’s really all about choices. Students determine where, when and how they’ll read without time limitations,” said Kahle Charles, Executive Director of Curriculum, St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Powered by OverDrive, the interactive digital library lets students highlight text, define words and take notes online.

District Digital Novel Set is Truly a Novel Idea
Gone are the days when sets of novels were stored in the classroom and students couldn’t take the books home. Now, students and teachers have access to 12 titles with 350 copies per title. Class time doesn’t have to be wasted reading and that lets teachers dive deeper into content and skills. What’s more, these full-length texts align with rigorous Colorado academic standards.

“When you log into the OverDrive platform, students have access to covers of high interest books that appeal to a wide audience,” Karen McClure, Language Arts Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Parents Embracing New Technology and Digital Library
Not only are students’ backpacks a bit lighter, access is immediate. Students who might not make it to the library can reach the digital library any time and any place. And that takes the pressure off parents.

Today, the digital library continues to expand with a small collection of books available for preschool and elementary students. Many of the titles feature eBook and audio book versions. Schools can also suggest specific titles with the committee determining their appropriateness for the digital library.