The World Needs More Entrepreneurs

It is late afternoon on a Wednesday at the Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools, and young entrepreneurs from around the world are standing in front of a 20-foot tall green screen. They are filming short videos about their ideas to solve huge problems like hunger and substance addiction. As part of a partnership with Boulder’s Watson Institute, a training ground for next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs, St. Vrain Valley Schools and Watson Institute students are learning how to pitch – a critical skill in today’s business world.

Join Us: Superintendent Community Meetings

St. Vrain Valley Schools is one of the fastest growing and most innovative school districts in the nation. This is a result of strong leadership and a commitment to strengthening infrastructure, technology, high-quality instruction and overall student achievement.
This success is also built upon interconnected partnerships with our teachers, staff, students, families, business and corporate partners, elected officials, and other members of the community. As St.

Community Strong: district website platform builds, represents collaborative community

We all know the adage, it takes a village. But what exactly is that proverbial ‘village’? The long answer may be complex, but the short answer is simple: it’s all about community. When it comes to St. Vrain Valley School District, community is and always has been of the utmost importance.

St. Vrain is Hiring - 2019 Job Fair

Join us at our upcoming 2019 Job Fair and learn more about opportunities in nutrition

Invisible Learning: SVVSD Community Schools extend school days with purposeful play, leadership, and collaboration

Learning is always happening. Whether within the walls of classrooms and auditoriums, out in the world, we are continuously registering and processing new and repeated information and determining what to do with it. For SVVSD Community Schools’ students and families, there is a strong focus on ensuring the experience is engaging, inspiring, playful, and purposeful... whatever each participant needs, as an individual and as part of the collective whole.

SVVSD starting construction on new building for Mead Elementary

St. Vrain Valley School District’s original plan was to replace the aging Mead Elementary School building in pieces over time, starting by replacing a classroom addition with a wood floor in need of repair.

St. Vrain Communications Team Wins National Awards

St. Vrain Valley Schools' Communications team was recently recognized by the National Schools Public Relations Association for outstanding work in educational communications. Award recognitions included:

SVVSD give elementary students academic summer options

Literacy teacher Brenda Gilson recently led a group of three elementary students through a literacy lesson, helping them write out words with the “ay” sound and then come up with a sentence about really fast greyhounds.

As one girl got stuck on spelling the word “really,” Gibson encouraged her to first sing the letters, then write them out as she sang them. Then she had her write the word three times with a textured piece of plastic underneath to create “bumpy” letters.

STEM camp encourages SVVSD students to tackle big problems

Victoria Hoppis’ vision for a more sustainable city includes a park with treadmills, yoga mats, dog leashes for rent and a pond that makes bubbles that find and clean air pollution.

“We have trees because we need more trees,” the incoming sixth-grader at Erie Middle School said Wednesday as she explained the highlights of the city prototype she created with her group at the St. Vrain Valley School District’s Innovation Academy.

SVVSD wins International Society for Technology in Education recognition

The International Society for Technology in Education chose St.