100-Mile Club Founder and CEO Visits St. Vrain Valley Schools

Kara Lubin, CEO and Founder of the 100-Mile Club, flew in from California to spend two days visiting St. Vrain Valley Schools. Kara began the 100-Mile Club during her second year as an elementary teacher in the Corona-Norco Unified School District in CA. The year was 1992. In 2007, the 100-Mile Club became a non-profit organization, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Physical Activity Grant Gets Everyone Moving.

In the spring of 2014, St. Vrain Valley Schools received a three-year, 1.4 million Physical Activity Grant from the Colorado Health Foundation.

Currently, all 31 elementary and K-8 schools have received funding and support to: implement opportunities for movement before (or after) school, incorporate movement breaks into classroom instruction time, and provide more opportunities for movement during recess.

“Physical activity not only improves cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, attention and processing speed, it reduces behavior and discipline problems," said Paige Jennings, Physical Activity Grant Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley Schools. "Students actually behave better in school on days they participate in the 100-Mile Club.”

Everyone’s read about the 100-Mile Club. Now, Kara Lubin, Founder and CEO,  visits four schools to see the club in action.

April 25th Visit to Blue Mountain Elementary School – Kara Lubin gave a two hour presentation to visitors from nine districts in the state of Colorado interested in bringing the 100-Mile Club to their schools. Three students actually reached their 100-mile goal during the visit with a victory lap through a tunnel of friends and staff. Kara also spoke to the school’s visitors, outlining the challenges and successes of the club.

“We celebrate our 100-Mile Club participants every day on the 100-Mile Club wall complete with pictures and names of those reaching their 100-mile goal,” said Kristie Venrick, Principal, Blue Mountain Elementary School.

April 26th Visit to Hygiene Elementary School – Again, Kara Lubin spoke to Hygiene’s 100-Mile Club and watched their students complete miles for their 100-Mile Club.

Kate Newell, PE Teacher, Physical Activity Leader and 100-Mile Club Supervisor at the school, painted phrases on the grass to inspire students to keep running including “Help Each Other” and “You Rock…”

Kara Lubin spoke to all of the students, encouraging them on their journey and letting them know how proud she is of each of them.

April 26th Visit to Burlington Elementary School – Janis Hughes, Principal, earned her 100 miles the day before Kara Lubin’s visit. Kara spent time with walking with students after school, encouraging them to do their personal best.

April 26th Visit to Erie Middle School – Tanya Over, Sixth Grade Math Teacher at the school, started the 100-Mile Club here in January of 2016 and has 32 students signed up. Kara Lubin talked to all of the sixth and seventh grade students at the school encouraging them to sign up next year and accept the 100-mile challenge.

Mead Middle School also started a 100-Mile Club in January 2016 and other middle schools are considering adding the club in 2017.

Let’s Shoot for the Moon!

In 2016, over 5,000 students, parents and staff are participating in the 100-Mile Club. As of December 31st 2015, participants in the 100-Mile Club have run over 130,000 miles – that’s more than five times around the earth and over half way to the moon!